Web Design Process

1. Free Consultation
We will meet with you and listen to you to define your clear-cut goals. Base on your business requirements, we will determin the specific web site technical functions. We than provide you an estimate of the cost.

2. Layout Design
We will show you samples of different web site layouts as a base. You can choose one or specify your own design. Our art designer will create your customize layout. You may fine turn the layout design until you are happy with it. Once approved, the production begins.

3. Technical Engineering
Our web programmers will convert the approved layout to html code. If there is database requirements, we normally build the backend administrative function first so that you can begin entering data. As the production progresses, we will ask you every now and then to test the funcitonality of some completed modules.

4. Publishing
The last phase involves testing all applications for cross-platform and browser compatibility. In simple terms, we make sure your website works on all of the latest browsers. Once testing is complete, we launch the website and submit it to all major search engines. From here, advance search engine consulting and management is available.